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Holding Post (imagine lift music playing quietly in your ears… something like the gallery music from ‘Hartbeat’)

January 8, 2013

There has been a long and awkward break from A Periodic Tale over the last *mumbles* months. All the best intentions, it was a busy time, a penguin ate my laptop, I couldn’t find a periodic table and other even less believable excuses. *Ahem*. So, a New Year but not  a New Year’s resolution (that would be rash and you’d only give us whithering looks if we fail to live up to it and Lord knows we crumble at a whithering look). We are going to resurrect this blog even if we have have to cut open the chest and massage the heart!

Whilst an aluminium post is being carefully crafted we offer you something to kill the time *cough*. Ta da, have a listen to this,  it’s all about Ricin.


@RotwangsRobot and @SciCommStudios


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